Bare Bones Bible Study Series

The Bare Bones Bible Study Series presents Bible studies on various subjects.  The titles serve as a description of what is contained in each study.

New Bare Bones Study on Heaven

The newest Bare Bones Bible study is entitled The Heavenly Places.  While Christians are adamant about going to heaven when they die, it turns out that most know very little of what heaven is actually like and even less about what they will be doing there.  The idea that your “heavenly hammock” is set up so you can engage in your eternal retirement program is NOT an accurate understanding of what you will be doing.  And since you will be doing it forever, doesn’t it make you a little curious to know what it will be like?  This study begins by de-bunking the standard misconceptions about heaven and begins to pull back the curtain to show you that every believer in Jesus Christ is being made an offer by their heavenly Father.  An offer than can be accepted or not, but if accepted, holds out the most exciting prospect for eternity that is beyond your wildest dreams.

The Heavenly Places
The first 4 sessions (2, 2-hr DVDs) of  is $12.00 plus shipping ($3.99).


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