School of Theology


Level One

The School of Theology contains courses of study that mainly pertain to the dispensation of grace in which we presently live.  These courses will orient you to the doctrines and the books in your Bible that were written specifically to you, and about you, as a member of the “one new man,” the “church, the body of Christ.”

Level 1 contains 7 courses of study.  We suggest that if you planning to study them all, that you study them in the order in which they are listed in the catalog.

These courses address the fundamental doctrines that must be in place in order to gain a full appreciation for understanding your Bible.

Level 1 Courses:

  • Rightly Dividing the Word
  • The Biblical Timeline
  • The Bible
  • Jew and Gentile
  • Godliness
  • Advanced Godliness
  • Our Ambassadorship

ST – 101

Rightly Dividing the Word (8 hours) – $25.00

In this survey, you will learn to identify the major programs contained in your Bible.  You will know why it is critical for you to know them and how to locate them in your Bible.  You will learn all about what the apostle Paul calls “the mystery;” when it began, what it’s for and what event will bring it to a conclusion.  This should be of interest you since it pertains specifically to you.  You will learn about God’s interruption of the His program with the nation Israel, why He did so, and when He will resume it.  One of the most exciting things you will learn is God’s great purpose for you as a member of the church, the body of Christ; something that is taught very little today.  In addition, this study will straighten out many alleged “contradictions” in your Bible.  This may well be the single most important study you do in order to gain a proper understanding of your Bible.

ST – 102

The Biblical Timeline (2 hours) – $7.00

Can you draw a timeline of biblical events, properly placing the 2ndAdvent, the Blessed Hope, the Last Great Battle, the Judgment Seat of Christ, the Battle of Armageddon and the Great White Throne?  Where on that timeline would you place “time past,” the “last days,” and “the world to come?”  This course will teach you to draw an uncomplicated timeline with the major historical and prophetic events of the Bible correctly located.  You will learn to draw this timeline from memory, no matter where you are, at the drop of a hat, in less than 3 minutes!  An invaluable teaching tool for teachers and preachers.

ST – 103

The Bible (6 hours) – $19.00

This survey study covers a lot of ground in just a 6-hour study.  You will learn what is meant by “inspired Scripture” and the mechanism that God put into place by which we can determine which writings are inspired of God and which are not.   You will learn the means by which God has preserved His word.  You will learn about the “silent years” that were predicted by the OT prophets and why they are significant.  You will know how to answer questions regarding “lost books of the Bible.” You will learn the 4 ways in which Satan leads well-meaning saints to teach errors regarding the Bible.  Also, you will learn who the apostle Paul was referring to when he talks about “apostles and prophets” in I Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 3 & 4.  (Hint: he is not referring to the OT prophets or the apostles that walked with Jesus!)  You will learn their very important role as it concerns the word of God.

ST – 104

Jew and Gentile (6 hours) – $19.00

Do you know the difference between the commission given to Israel and the one given to the body of Christ?  Do you know how the “gospel of the kingdom” differs from the “gospel of the grace of God?”  Since you are called to publish “the manifold wisdom of God,” can you define what that is and locate it in the Bible?  Do you know the impact that you are supposed to be making on the principalities and powers in the heavenly places?  Do you recognize the 2 commissions given to the church, the body of Christ for this dispensation of grace?  In this study you will discover all of this and more.

ST – 105

Godliness (4 hours) – $13.00

Since many people confuse godliness with righteousness, this study points out the critical difference between the two.  The 3 components to godliness are outlined along with a foundation for understanding godliness in all its dimensions.  This study points out the different types of ungodliness and it explains what the apostle Paul was referring to when he referred to “great is the mystery of godliness.”  An understanding of biblical godliness is more important that you might imagine, as it contains the “key” as to how God presents information in His word.

ST – 106

Advanced Godliness  – (2 hours) – $7.00

This course is actually an advanced look at godliness and how it affects our understanding of the doctrine contained in the Bible.  If you desire to study the Bible for yourself, then it is important to understand how God has presented the information to you.  This study shows the 3-part breakdown of doctrine and the edification process that is necessary for every believer.  This study also discusses what it means for the word of God to “effectually work” in your inner man and the necessity for it to do so.

ST – 107

Our Ambassadorship – (8 hours) – $25.00

This course of study answers the questions: “What does the Bible means when it says we are ambassadors for Christ?  In what way does our sanctification provide for our ambassadorship?  What are the 4 aspects of your ambassadorship?   What  are  the  3  parts  to a  faithful message of an ambassador for Christ?  What are the 5 categories that encompass excuses people make for not being saved?  Where is God’s answer found for each of those excuses?  What are the 3 phases of the satanic policy of evil’s attack to hinder you from being a faithful ambassador?”  Learn all this and more in this study of God’s purpose and plan for every believer.



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