School of Eschatology


Level One

 The School of Eschatology contains a survey study of the book of Revelation and portions of the book of Daniel.

Level 1 contains 1 course of study.  We suggest that you follow the order of the Levels within each school and the order of the courses within each level.

These courses address the fundamental doctrines that must be in place in order to gain a full appreciation for Bible prophecy.

Level 1 Courses:

  • The Book of Revelation

SE – 101

The Book of Revelation – (42 hours) – $130.00

This course is a survey of the book of Revelation with lots of emphasis on the book of Zechariah.  As you might imagine, some of the most exciting things in your Bible are covered in this study.  If you have ever wanted to get a good grasp of Bible prophecy, if you have wanted to be able to accurately identify prophetic characters (such as the 7 heads of the dragon), if you have longed for a study that has more commitment to sound Bible doctrine than it does to things which are  “sensational,” then this is your study.  Charts, timelines and maps are a part of this course of study.

This study covers the four visions in the book of Zechariah and how they interplay with the book of Revelation.  You will learn about those numbered days in the book of Daniel and what they are pointing to.  You will learn about the “great and terrible day of the

LORD, the “days of awe,” the days of darkness prior to the Second Advent of Jesus Christ, the work of the angelic carpenters, angelic activity in the day of wrath, the images of Daniel and much more.

Level Two

The School of Eschatology contains a survey study of the book of Daniel.  Level 2 contains 1 course of study.

Level 2 Courses:

  • The Book of Daniel

SE – 201

The Book of Daniel – (26 hours) – $80.00

This course of study takes up where the study of the book of Revelation leaves off.  This study covers the details of 1st part of the 5th cycle and its scope, the details of God’s Jehovahness and grace at work for Israel, the New Covenant, the LORD’S day of wrath, Israel’s cleansing from defilement, the time schedule for the entire 5th cycle of judgment and the glory that will be Israel’s in the Kingdom.

The study is not an exhaustive study of the book of Daniel but mainly focuses on the 5 revelations that are found in Daniel.  Charts, timelines and maps are part of this study.

By the end of Level 2, you should have an excellent grasp of the basics of Bible prophecy along with how to handle to time schedules without any problem.  Details too numerous to list here are included in this study.



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